Meet Chef Anthony, Executive Chef at Indiana University

anthony-blogAt Greek House Chefs, we know that talented, professional,  loyal Chefs are the epitome of our success.  So, when we find Chefs like Chef Anthony Gabriele in Bloomington, Indiana, we show off a little bit!  Ok, A LOT!  Chef Anthony has brought a freshness and a vision to Greek House Chefs that has set the standard for all of our accounts across the nation.  When we asked Chef Anthony to tell us about him self, he shared:

Hello everyone! My name is Anthony Gabriele and I look forward to meeting everyone and getting to know all of you over the next couple of weeks and months! So that you can get an idea of who I am as a chef, I thought I would tell you a little about my background. First of all, I grew up here in Bloomington and graduated from Bloomington South High School in 2000. I moved to Portland, Oregon where I began my love affair with food and cooking. I attended the Oregon Culinary Institute and earned my diploma in 2008. I was so lucky to learn as a cook in Oregon! I acquired a passion for working with local, seasonal produce and honed my culinary prowess with those ingredients in Mediterranean kitchens such as Castagna and Bar Avignon. After my daughter Marlo Roux was born, I came back to Bloomington and worked for David Tallent in Restaurant Tallent for a short time (which just closed last year) until I realized I was ready for an opportunity to gain more culinary freedom to experiment with the techniques and knowledge I had acquired over the years. I found that freedom at Feast Bakery Cafe. I came on soon after they opened in 2010 and business snowballed! I implemented the dinner menu and then the Sunday brunch menu. It was there that I was able to find my creative voice as a chef! In 2014 I moved to Lawrence, Kansas for a very short stint and found my way back to Bloomington by 2015. I worked as the chef for The Grant Street Inn Bed & Breakfast and soon after was offered the job as head chef at Topo’s 403 fine dining Greek Restaurant, where I continued to enjoy planning creative menus, and also gained experience managing a team. We were featured in the June/July 2015 issue of Bloom magazine with a very flattering write up and also that summer I was asked to do a cooking demo for Indy Style on WISH channel 8! I am excited to cook in this new format, as this job will afford me two things that I’ve learned are the most important in my life: The ability to feed and interact with people through imaginative, thoughtful cooking; and to have quality time to spend with my daughter. In my free time I am a dedicated yogi, and I enjoy spending time with my partner Georgia.

So naturally, when Greek House Chefs caught wind that Chef Anthony was available to discuss a position with Greek House Chefs, a meeting occurred and Chef Anthony was hired.  Launching our first Fraternity at Indiana University, Chef Anthony dove in and stared his from-scratch cooking on day one.  His healthy, delicious spins on classics such as Spaghetti, is what Greek House Chefs is all about.  Instead of pasta noodles, Chef Anthony sourced spaghetti squash from our local produce supplier, Piazza Produce  and served his deep, rich sauce over roasted squash “pasta” garnished with fresh

It’s no surprise that Chef Anthony’s healthy, delicious meals and great attitude has created an enormous interest in Greek House Chefs around Indiana Greek Life . Greek House Chefs knows that word of mouth and referrals are the back bone to our success.

“When we have Chefs like Chef Anthony on our team at Greek House Chefs, I could not be more proud” Owner Corey Hansen shared.  “Chef Anthony is an asset to Greek House Chefs, his Fraternity and to all that know him.  He is creative, edgy, reliable, consistent and so talented that I could learn a thing or two from him” Hansen continued.  “When I started Greek House Chefs 10 years ago, I would have never dreamed that I would have the incredible team I have today.  I am only as good as the Chefs I hire and Chef Anthony and our team is what makes Greek House Chefs so special”.

From Chef Anthony’s signature Hydration Stations of Infused Waters to his fresh take on classic favorites, Chef Anthony is truly a Greek House Chef!

Chef Anthony’s Homemade Hummus

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  1. Anne L. Gabriele says:

    I am Chef Anthony’s Grandma, Nana, and bursting with pride.
    I cannot proclaim “Chip off the ole’ block”, because I’m only
    noted for the usual spaghetti and meat balls so acclaimed in my
    Era. , but he has brought new spins on all his spaghetti dishes .
    So happy for your success with Greek House Chefs, Anthony.


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