Creation Stations are coming to a campus near you….

Greek House Chefs is excited to announce our new custom service for our Sororities and Fraternities all over the country. Greek House Chefs has spent the last year testing the Creation Stations in our current market, with the help of our research and development director, Chef Nate Miller. Chef Nate has developed the program that is launching company wide in the fall of 2017. When we asked Chef Nate what his vision was for the program, he shared that “I want the students and Chefs to interact with each other. The students can create custom meals with interactive stations that allow them to pick and choose exactly what they want to eat”.
So, Chef Nate and our team of Chefs went to work on the idea. Creation Stations were tested company wide and the results are in. Creation Stations are a MUST in every one of our houses. From carving stations of prime rib and smoked ham to chocolate fountains with fresh fruit, our chapter members love concept of “make-it-your-own”. Chef Kevin’s build-your-own pasta stations are healthy, fresh and delicious! Chef Josue has mastered a Pho Creation Station and Chef Jordan at Purdue has his Pho Station requested all the time. Fajita stations, Budda Bowl Stations, Pork Tenderloin on the carving board, it’s all included… no extra charge!
Greek House Chefs is excited to offer our Creation Stations to all of our existing Chapters as well as our new clients signing on for the 2017 -2018 Academic School Year. We will provide everything the Chef needs to make food service at your Chapter House interactive, fun, healthy and delicious and our Chefs can’t wait to get started! Let us know what you’d like to see and we will make it happen. Our ears are always open and requests are not only encouraged, but required with Greek House Chefs! It’s our recipe for success!
To get a food service quote today, please visit….

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