GHC Offering all employees paid Maternity and Paternity Leave

Greek House Chefs is excited to announce that we are offering all of our new parents Maternity and Paternity leave. It’s important for all of our staff to spend the time to bond with their children and support their spouses by giving 100% of their focus to their family when it counts.

Introducing Our New Look

You may have noticed that we look a little different around Greek House Chefs these days. Last summer after we finished scrubbing all of our kitchens and turned out the lights for the summer, we headed back into the office in Des Moines, Iowa and took a long look our branding and how we look as a company in the industry.

Meet Blue Coat Chef Christina

She’s a rockstar chef, motivated employee, and a valued member of her sorority house. When you walk into Chef Christina’s kitchen, you are always welcomed with a smile and a happy “Hello”. She’s a talented chef who prides herself on her time management and having a welcoming personality in the kitchen. Recently, Christina sent us…

Meet Chef Anthony, Executive Chef at Indiana University

At Greek House Chefs, we know that talented, professional,  loyal Chefs are the epitome of our success.  So, when we find Chefs like Chef Anthony Gabriele in Bloomington, Indiana, we show off a little bit!  Ok, A LOT!  Chef Anthony has brought a freshness and a vision to Greek House Chefs that has set the…