Greek House Chefs Launches Comprehensive App

With the Fraternity and Sorority Food Service scene changing faster than ever, Greek House Chefs is proud to launch a comprehensive mobile app to connect students to their chefs around the nation. After seeing firsthand how busy students are and how their lifestyle is on-the-go, it was clear that Greek House Chefs needed to make a solid connection between active students and their chef at the Chapter House.

Owner Corey Hansen shares “When you run a nationwide business like Greek House Chefs, it’s essential to connect our team with our students. Greek House Chefs’ intention is to be the industry leader in Fraternity and Sorority Food Service, and this app is pioneering the standard for Food Service”.

Hansen goes on to say, “When the students asked, we listened.  And we REALLY listened.  We’ve always had whiteboards as well as other tools for the students to communicate with Greek House Chefs, but this app brings that communication to a whole new level”.

The Greek House Chefs app is all-encompassing.  A simple menu posting and late-plate sign-up app was just not enough.  The industry was calling for a highly interactive, student and chef friendly app that connects the dots between the Chapter members and the kitchen.

National Director and Chef Heith Sheeley has been highly invested in the app process from the very beginning. “We want Chapter Members at our Fraternities and Sororities to share with us exactly what they want, and be able to share it whenever they want.  The students can now rate their meals, request special recipes that they may be missing from home or just ask the Chef to save them a late plate if they have an unexpected meeting come up”. 

“The overall goal of Greek House Chefs is to inspire students to come to dinner, and with this new app, our goal is that the students are getting exactly what they expect out of their food service. After all, they are our client and at the end of the day, if they are happy, then I am thrilled” shares Hansen.

Chef Heith Sheeley made sure that the app was not only geared towards the students, but also a vital tool for the Chefs as well.  The app acts as a tool to promote collaboration between our team of Chefs across the country with a chef forum. They are able to share recipes, discuss seasonal and house favorite products, and submit their menu, just to name a few tools. 

Student life is ever-changing and we are excited to keep up with the national trends and expectations of our clients. Greek House Chefs is an innovative and evolving company that insists on top-notch service and prioritizing the busy lifestyle of students. We know what students want, and that’s what we give them.

You can download our app on the iTunes App Store or the Google Play Store today.

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