Introducing Our New Look

OurBrandTransformationYou may have noticed that we look a little different around Greek House Chefs these days. Last summer after we finished scrubbing all of our kitchens and turned out the lights for the summer, we headed back into the office in Des Moines, Iowa and took a long look our branding and how we look as a company in the industry. We decided that our look needed a little facelift. We realized that the Greek House Chefs standard of service and our current look just weren’t a match made in heaven. We have worked hard the last few months freshening ourselves up and truly connecting our business and our messaging.
jarrod2Let’s go back a little bit to where this whole idea came about. Three years ago, we realized that every single company in our industry looked the exact same on a chef level. We didn’t want to blend in with all of the other companies and private chefs out there who wear standard black, white or grey chef coats, simply because we are far from standard. That is when we made the bold decision to put our chefs in our now signature blue coats. We wanted our outstanding chefs to be recognized as the Blue Coat Chefs when they were walking around campus in their bright blue coats. “Hey, you’ve got blue coat on, you must be a Greek House Chef!” That is where the #BlueCoatArmy and our new colors were born.
After we’d established our signature blue coats, it was only natural to shift our branding and marketing to fit the new idea of the blue coats. Our colors have transformed from our old vintage teal and red combo to a far more relevant color scheme for our business that is solely involved in Fraternities and Sororities. Now, our colors are a collegiate blue and yellow combo that compliments our Blue Coat Chefs and sets us apart from the rest of the industry.
AlwaysRoomGreek House Chefs is not just like the other guys and we’ve worked hard to set ourselves apart from the pack and showcase who we are as a company. We’ve always believed that having an honest, personable, and relatable voice is who we are and that will never change. Along with transforming our colors, we decided that we needed to give an even more transparent look at who and what Greek House Chefs really is. The industry standard for social media has always been to post food pictures, but Greek House Chefs is far from the industry standard. We’re paving a new standard that food pictures alone don’t accurately showcase who you are as a company. What we do at Greek House Chefs is so much more than food. It’s our chefs, our students, our cleanliness, our varied personalities and friendliness all wrapped in a perfect package that we deliver to our clients across the country. We strive to give our followers an in-depth look at what life is like with GHC in the kitchen, what it’s like to work for GHC, and the overall GHC family atmosphere. By showing you more than just our food, you really get to know GHC and what we are all about.
Connect with usIf you don’t already, be sure to follow us on social media to see our chef features, service pictures, tips, chef selfies, and (of course) the top-notch food that our chefs create every day. We’re looking forward to continuing to connect with you and show you what Greek House Chefs is all about!


For more information on Greek House Chefs and our service, click here to watch our video.

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