Meet Blue Coat Chef Christina

21558585_10210316663012312_7093707229732618825_nShe’s a rockstar chef, motivated employee, and a valued member of her sorority house. When you walk into Chef Christina’s kitchen, you are always welcomed with a smile and a happy “Hello”. She’s a talented chef who prides herself on her time management and having a welcoming personality in the kitchen.
Recently, Christina sent us a note about her job with Greek House Chefs and we were so thrilled to hear it. She wrote, “I was stunned for a moment the other day, and I want to be a tiny bit sappy for a second. My son had a presentation to do in class and asked if I could help. It was incredibly important to him and it dawned on me that for the first time in his school life (he’s 8), that I could say YES! I didn’t have to work, I didn’t have to rush, and I wasn’t worried about having a job to do when I got done. It means more to me than a lot of people will understand. These moments are fleeting and I’m grateful for a company that cares about its employees and gives us creative freedom AND a good quality of life.” As you can imagine, we had to dry our eyes after reading her note. The life of a chef usually means long hours, little to no vacations, and no nights and weekends. Not for Christina and the rest of the Blue Coat Army. Being a sorority chef allows her to do what she loves and also have time and energy left over to spend time with those that she loves.

I wanted something that allowed a good home-work ratio. What I found was an unending appreciation for my food, and a re-awakening of a passion that had been singed on the edges and was in jeopardy of being burnt away

Enter a Christina shared a photo of the flowers that her girls got for her as a Thank You for all of her hard work on their Bid Day.
Christina came to Greek House Chefs because, like many of the other chefs on our team, she was starting to feel the burn-out coming from her restaurant job. Now, she has a renewed passion for her craft and an appreciation for what she does. When we asked her why she is a sorority chef, her answer didn’t surprise us, “I wanted something that allowed a good home-work ratio. What I found was an unending appreciation for my food, and a re-awakening of a passion that had been singed on the edges and was in jeapordy of being burnt away.” Coming to work and putting on her Blue Coat every day has given Christina a new opportunity to do what she loves during the day, and also do what she loves at home at night with her family. With Greek House Chefs, Christina can enjoy her favorite food shared with her son: a perfect steak, loaded baked potato, and a bacon Caesar salad.
We asked Christina if she could ever be on a food competition on TV, which one would she want to be on. We were surprised by her answer, Cutthroat Kitchen! Christina’s bubbly attitude and warm welcoming smiles aren’t exactly what you find on Cutthroat Kitchen (a show where sabotaging your competition is welcome). Despite her friendly attitude, we can definitely see her utilizing her mad chef skills and channeling her inner Anne Burrell (her favorite chef) to win the top spot! Christina is a pro at bringing new life to simple food and creating her dishes from scratch. When she’s looking for a little inspiration, she turns to old cooking magazines or anything written by Ruth Reichl. She shared with us, “I have a sweet spot in my heart for Ruth Reichl. If I feel like I’m in a cooking slump, rereading something of hers reinvigorates my love of food. Also, I LOVE old cooking magazines, circa 1970-80’s and adding a new spin on old dishes.” She is definitely putting her spin on some old classics in her sorority.
Blue Coat Chef Christina poses with sorority members at lunch
Blue Coat Chef Christina poses for a quick selfie during lunch at her sorority.
Christina’s bubbly personality and ambition to make delicious food and be a positive role model in the kitchen, earned her a title as a Blue Coat Chef and a proud member of the Blue Coat Army. After starting to feel the restaurant burn-out, Christina re-discovered her passion for cooking in her sorority and they have welcomed her with open arms. Welcome home Christina.
Here are a few dishes Christina has prepared for her sorority this year:
Portobello mushrooms stuffed with wild rice and Italian sausage. Served alongside fresh cut fruit and Italian wedding soup.
Homestyle pot roast or chicken pot pie with herbed red potatoes, served with home-made rolls with whipped honey butter. Triple Berry Cobbler for dessert.
Grilled pesto chicken wraps: grilled chicken with a pesto aioli, spinach, tomato and onion in a fresh pita. Served with Chef’s pasta salad and fresh cut fruit.

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