Greek House Chefs is the leading provider of Fraternity and Sorority food service.                  Greek House Chefs was created by Corey and Carey Hansen in 2007 after recognizing that there was a need  to provide top-notch service in a market that was severely lacking it. We provide our clients with made-from-scratch meals, special event services and custom menu planning that fit your chapter house.

We let our chefs use their creativity and first-hand kitchen knowledge to offer our clients the freshest ingredients, creative meals and a variety of options.  At Greek House Chefs, we hand select local Chefs to meet the specific needs of your house and we give our Chefs complete freedom to customize their menu to meet the needs of the members. We want our chapter members to feel like they just left their Mom’s kitchen after a meal, but occasionally be challenged to try something new and expand their culinary palette. Our chefs focus on fresh, healthy and from scratch cooking by utilizing local produce and catering to the dietary needs of all chapter members.