What’s with the Infused Waters?

Let’s talk about Greek House Chefs Signature Hydration Stations. Yes, they are a HUGE hit at our Chapter Houses Nationwide and yes, they are so much healthier than sugary drink mixes and juices.  Juice Machines are still a popular choice at a lot of our Chapter Houses but our Infused Waters are requested all over the country. Our Chefs have come up with the most unique and fresh combinations and the students rave about the healthy options!


That is why we provide our Chapters with Greek House Chefs water bottles.  Our students are on the go and we know this.  So, our Chefs make sure to have the Infused Water Stations set up bright and early so the Chapter Members can fill up before they head out to class.  ghc-water-bottles

Greek House Chefs is going to continue to be the Industry Leader on healthy choices, food trends and plentiful options.   We have a lot of great services lined up for this spring semester and into the next academic calendar year.  Stay tuned for some incredible announcements in the upcoming week(s).  It is a great time to be a Greek House Chefs Client and we can’t wait to show off what we do best!

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