Talk About Fresh!

When considering a Food Service Company, one of the first questions you should ask is “where do you source your local produce”?  We’re serious!  Carey Hansen, Owner of Greek House Chefs, is obsessed with produce.  With over 25 years of experience in the restaurant industry, she spent her last 8 years (before jumping into Greek House Chefs full time) working for a local produce company selling specialty produce to central Iowa’s premiere Chefs.

  “Fresh Produce is the backbone of any dish” states Hansen.  “Chefs that showcase local produce in the dishes they prepare understand what it means to let the food do the talking”.blog-3-talk-about-fresh

At Greek House Chefs, our team of Chefs are encouraged to source local vendors of all kinds from specialty bakeries at UCLA to local produce houses across the nation.  Many of the Chefs employed by Greek House Chefs have the desire and the freedom to visit their local Farmer’s Markets to hand-pick the freshest ingredients possible for their weekly menus.  They work with local Farmers, Butchers and specialty vendors to create a working relationship and a personal touch to their Chapter House Menus.

Of course, most of our Chefs bake their own breads, buns and baked goods. But, sometimes our Client’s want a specific item that is a Chapter favorite, so we source those items as a part of our service. blog-5-talk-about-fresh

When you talk with Greek House Chefs this spring semester, make sure you ask for our complete vendor listing for the region in which you are located.  Odds are, if we do not have a local relationship already established, we will get one started in no time.  Think of Greek House Chefs as your source for all things local, fresh and delicious!

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