Greek House Chefs Provides Smokers to On-Site Chefs that want to take it one step further

When Greek House Chefs Owners, Corey and Carey Hansen, were on-site on Campus last week, their Chefs started an incredible conversation about all of the unique items they would create if they had an on-site smoker.  So, naturally the Owners asked “where can we get this for you”?  The Chefs responded and they met up on a cold Saturday to pick out exactly what the Chefs envisioned for their Chapter(s).  After some intense shopping and even more in-depth conversation about food and all things “smoked”, the team loaded the brand-new equipment into the car along with flavored smoking pellets and all the accessories.

Former Collegiate Culinary Instructor and current Greek House Chefs Executive Trainer, Darrin Miller could not wait to get started!  He began his new exploration right away, adding smoked Al Pastor Tacos to his weekly menu and texting Owners Carey and Corey all about what he is going to do with his new “toy”.  That is one of the perks about working with Greek House Chefs.  The Chefs have a professional relationship with the Owners and they can contact themdarrin-miller anytime to “talk shop” and express their visions and ideas. And, the Owners listen!  Carey and Corey fly all over the country to build solid relationships with their Chefs, their Clients, Board Members and Students.  There isn’t a Chapter that they have not been to or a Chef they have not met. “They do what they say they are going to do” says Megan Slattery, House Director, Washington State University. Greek House Chefs takes that motto very seriously.  So, when our Chefs want a smoker, an immersion blender, a tip kettle or a VitaMix Blender, they call Carey and Corey and they make it happen.  “Our Chefs are essential to our success” says Owner Corey Hansen.  “We are only as good as our Chefs and we hire Chefs that are competent, creative and super driven to grow with our company.  We hire “foodies” to create a culture that inspires our Chefs to showcase what they were born to do.  We don’t need to micro -manage our team, because we hire Chefs that are obsessed with food and service, just like we are” Hansen shared.

So, the management steps aside and allows the Chef’s food do all the talking.  It doesn’t take long to see why Greek House Chefs invests back into the company all the time.  Take a look at the smoke rings on Chef Darrin’s Al Pastor Tacos:


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