Greek House Chefs bans Tilapia Fish from all menus

Greek House Chefs Owners, Corey and Carey Hansen, along with their Management Team have decided to take a company wide stance on the use of Tilapia Fish. In an effort to bring clean eating and nutritional education to the forefront of their operation, Greek House Chef’s menus will not include the mostly Chinese raised, pesticide ridden fish on their weekly menus. Farmed tilapia contains high levels of arachidonic acid, an omega-6 fatty acid that, while necessary to help repair damaged body tissues, has been linked to brain disorders like Alzheimer’s disease and may exacerbate inflammation.
“After our Executive Management meeting this December, our company is making an enormous effort to showcase sustainable, clean, nutritious foods as the main focus of or day to day service” said Owner, Corey Hansen. “Our Chefs agree, and we are 100% focused on the education and implementation of these principals throughout our company nationwide” Hansen further shared that “Our duty as Chefs in our Fraternity and Sorority Houses is to serve safe, wholesome foods to our Client’s while taking into consideration the responsibility we have to teach these students the importance of what we are putting into our bodies. After a lot of research and collaboration, we decided as a team that Tilapia was not a viable option and the product does not reflect our core values. In fact, recent studies have concluded that eating tilapia may worsen inflammation that can enhance heart disease, asthma, arthritis and other serious health problems. Farm-bred fish have been found to have high concentrations of antibiotics and pesticides and Greek House Chefs just cannot compromise when it comes to the health based facts of this product.”
At Greek House Chefs, we take pride in sourcing local products as much as possible. That is why being a nationwide company has incredible benefits, as we can use a variety of products that are specific to the region in which we are providing service. For example, we source Cougar Gold Cheddar in our Pacific Upper Northwest Region and we source Graziano Sausage in Central Iowa. We do this all over the nation and our Chefs have become increasingly educated in the regional items they wish to serve.
“We are moving our company towards a industry-record high level of standards and ethics when it comes to the foods we are serving”, said Hansen. “Banning Tilapia is the beginning of a movement and we are in the forefront”

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